postheadericon Are there no casinos with fair sales conditions?

Although I had to search for a long time, but still found two relatively useful bonus offers. Normally you get a bonus immediately on a separate account and then it is used as soon as you have less than 20 cents real money (exception is Casumo, as it immediately bonus and real money is used in equal parts).

This is different with Here you play the bonus in several steps free, as it is the case with the casino of Videolsots.

With the bonus amount will be paid out in 20 steps of 10 € each, if you have paid the full amount of 200 €. 10 € can be converted, if you used 400 € (40 times 10 €). The full 200 € is only available if you have played with a total of 8,000 €.

At the site there is also a transformation in stages. Here, however, you have chosen 50 € stages. So as soon as you have played with 2,000 €, 50 € of the bonus balance will be transferred to the real money account. The full amount of € 500 is obtained if you have played within 30 days with € 20,000.

Conclusion: Mfortune Casino bonuses great

I have to admit that I do not like to play with a casino bonus, because I’d rather have the chance to cash out any winnings. Nevertheless, many players want to get good and fair bonuses for the slots, but unfortunately they rarely do that by the vendors working.

The best bonus offers are then available at Mfortune and mobilecasinoplex. Personally, this circumstance of free play disturbs me in different steps. Still, chances are that you will get at least parts of the bonus. In addition, you can always withdraw high profits, but then have to give up in return on the remaining bonus money. I think the conditions are, from the customer’s point of view, still the most respectable among the well-known casinos.

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